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When faced with the decision to end your beloved companion's suffering, it can help to gather information. We have found that filling out a Quality of Life Scale can give a lot of perspective. Below are some links that you may find helpful in this process.

Quality of Life Scale This scale can put things in to a written context for you and your family to discuss your pet's quality of life. It is often times helpful to have multiple family members fill these out and then compare them. We all have different relationships with our pets and we will often times have differing opinions. It is important to listen to your family members and truly consider their view points.

Quality of Life Calendar Use this calendar to keep track of the good and bad days your pet has. This can help you to visualize just how poor or how good the overall quality is. We can all have a bad day and when this happens it is easy to be discouraged. The calendar can really help to put it all in perspective. 

Sesame Street in Communities Helping Kids Grieve This website has some great videos  and activities to help you talk with children and help them to express their feelings. 

Grief Pets A stuffed animal to help validate your feelings of grief. These are especially helpful for children. 

Argus Institute at Colorado State University

International Association of Animal Hopice and Palliative Care

The Power of Pets by Mary Haines

Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Loss Support Page

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement Website.

MSPCA Pet Loss and Children seems an unlikely resource however they have compiled a good amount of resources for those that are grieving and those helping someone through the grieving process. 

Do Companion Animals Grieve? 

Should a companion animal be present for the euthanasia?

Everlife memorials

Tips to Cope. Thank you Olivia for the suggestion of this site. 

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