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End of Life Consultation

Many owners simply need to talk with a professional before making any final decisions. We at Pets at Peace welcome open communication about your needs and wishes. Our goal is to make you aware of all your options. We want you to be comfortable with whatever decision you choose. Quality of life phone consults with the doctor are 30 minutes long and cost $100. If you need more time than this, you will need to schedule an end of life in- home consultation. Please keep in mind that phone/email consults are strictly to discuss quality of life, not medical treatment or medication options. In order to discuss medications, illnesses and treatments, we will need to have a current VCPR (veterinarian-client-patient relationship). We can also come to your home for a consultation so we can properly assess your pet and the situation (establishing a VCPR). The cost for the End of Life Consultation is $430.00. At the majority of these consultations, the owner will decide to euthanize. If we move forward with euthanasia at this appointment, we do not charge an additional fee unless after care is requested. 

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