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After Care

You can choose to either take care of your beloved pet's remains (please be aware there are laws and regulations on how a body is disposed of and varies by town/city and state.) or we can arrange after care for you. There are two options and the costs are as follows (includes transport fee):
​General Cremation (ashes are not returned to you)  
                                       0-45lbs $165                                   
                                  46-100lbs $195                              
                               101-145lbs  $225                          
     146-200lbs $370**
Private Cremation (ashes returned*)
         0-20lbs $260
       21 - 45lbs $280
      46 -75lbs $310
      76 - 100lbs $350
     101 - 145lbs $385
      146-200lbs $535**
** This fees include an additional $100 for the crematorium to pick up directly from your home due to the size of your pet. Please note these appointments may take more time to schedule due to the coordination with the crematorium. 
​We work with Final Gift Pet Crematorium . They have options for urns on their website for you to choose from if you'd like something more than the provided urn. 
Urns included in the cost of a private cremation are pictured below. You choose one.

*Ashes will be hand delivered to your veterinarian's office at no additional charge. If you prefer, they can be delivered via USP to your home for $35 (please be aware, if no one is home, they will be left on the door step). 
Paw prints are available for $55 each. They are made from air dry clay and set in a faux leather frame. Ink paw or nose prints are available for $30 each. These will be created at the crematorium and returned with ashes. If you have opted for a general cremation, these memorials can be delivered to your regular veterinarian for you to pick up or delivered by UPS to your home for a charge of $35 (please be aware, if no one is home, they will be left on the door step)
 If you wish to have a more personal interaction with the crematorium and/or wish to be present for cremation, we recommend
Rainbow's End Pet Crematorium in Danvers, MA. Please contact them directly for more information.

978-539-7387    Middleton, MA 01949

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