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After Care

You can choose to either take care of your beloved pet's remains (please be aware there are laws and regulations on how a body is disposed of and varies by town/city and state.) or we can arrange after care for you. There are two options and the costs are as follows (includes transport fee):
​General Cremation (ashes are not returned to you)  
                                       0-45lbs $145                                   
                                  46-100lbs $180                              
                               101-145lbs  $220                          
     146-200lbs $255
Private Cremation (ashes returned*)
         0-20lbs $240
       21 - 45lbs $265
      46 -75lbs $300
      76 - 100lbs $340
     101 - 145lbs $380
      146-200lbs $420
​We work with Final Gift Pet Crematorium . They have options for urns on their website for you to choose from if you'd like something more than the provided urn. 

*Ashes will be hand delivered to your veterinarian's office at no additional charge.
If you wish to have a more personal interaction with the crematorium and/or wish to be present for cremation, we recommend
Rainbow's End Pet Crematorium in Danvers, MA. Please contact them for more information.

978-539-7387    Middleton, MA 01949

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