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Many find a keep sake of their pet can help with the grieving process. Below are some of the keep sake or memorial options we have found. Please be aware that some of these products may need to be purchased before your pet has passed ie) Nose Prints

 Pet Portraits By Carol  These portraits are a beautiful way to memorialize your beloved pet. 

 Artful ashes  They will take a small portion of your loved ones ashes to create a beautiful keepsake. 


 Living Urn   This product allows you to grow a beautiful tree from the ashes of your beloved pet.   

DNA is Love DNA is Love offers a menu of customized DNA-filled products for your loved ones and pets. Hold, wear, and cherish these unique items that provide a beautiful and enduring reminder of those you love for generations to come.

 Nose print  This jewelry is made from a pre-ordered mold kit. We recommend you order this product well before the time of euthanasia.

 Nose or paw prints  These products are made from a high res digital picture or ink print. We can make an ink nose print at the time of euthanasia upon request.

 Spirit Pieces Glass and jewelry made from a small amount of ashes.

 Memorial Jewelry on Esty Different options for memorial jewelry.


 Cherished Keepsakes  These are framed memorials

 Perfect Memorials More jewelry options.

 iHeart Dogs More jewelry options

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