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Neo, a soft coated Wheaton Terrier, was a big part of our family for 16 years. I have been dealing with Dr. MacKenzie for about six months about decisions to put Neo at peace, so many times she has comforted my feelings with my dog. Finally the day came and I did not make the call to cancel the scheduled appointment. Dr.McKenzie arrived at my house she was compassionate and understanding with Neo and my family. She let us all go at our own pace to say our final farewells to our beloved pet. Pets at Peace was a very good decision for our dog and our family. He deserved the best through his own life and got the best at the end. Thank you Dr. McKenzie.

~Paul L.


Dr Mac could not have been more professional and empathetic. She understands the unique pain we pet owners endure when we have to say good bye to our companions. It gave us much comfort knowing that our Campton could be in his favorite bed while crossing the bridge. 

~ Peg and George


On Wednesday, June 14th I had to make the most difficult phone call to Pets for Peace. My boy "Riley" had come to the final stage of his life. Although the decision was a difficult one, you made the process a peaceful one. I can't imagine having done this any other way. Riley gave me 15 wonderful years of unconditional love that can never be replaced. As he lay on his bed and I said my final goodbye I knew I had made the right decision. I will miss him every day for the rest of my life and I will thank God every day for Pets for Peace.

~Diane C. 



Christina is the most remarkably kind women. She made this very tough experience as smooth and seamless as it could be. She was so helpful with sharing her own experiences and she provided the most amazing resources to help us talk with our children about the loss of our dog, Toni. She has followed up several times to make sure we are doing well. She was a godsend! Working with her was one of the best decisions and I really feel that we honored Toni by choosing her.

~Andrea S.



Christina is a true born animal lover that clearly believes we need to love them enough to let them go. This decision is a heart wrenching one and being able to allow our beloved animals to stay at home where they are comfortable and surrounded with everyone who loves them brings a sense of peace for everyone. Christina has made this a viable choice for all of us and is exceptionally understanding and sympathetic. Packing up our beloved pet for their last ride is mentally exhausting and painful. It's never easy but being at home does make all the difference in the world. Thank you Christina for making this transition a little easier. You are truly an angel for all animals 

~Theresa G.


You've helped my family in the past, but you personally helped me with my cat, Jackie. It was a rough experience in itself making the decision to do what needed to be done, but you made it as painless an experience for her as humanly possible. You did an unreal job, and even though I was crying like a little kid at the time, I appreciate everything you did and then some.

~Kyle G.



Dr. MacKenzie came to our home and gave us the time to say our goodbyes. We know he went peacefully, in our arms, no longer is he suffering. It was a blessing to be able to say goodbye in familiar surroundings and in the company of family.

~Patti F.


Pets at Peace gave us the option to put Dizzy to rest in our home. It allowed him to be surrounded by family while he lay on his favorite spot on the couch. As hard as the day was, Dr. MacKenzie's gentle and caring nature made it a very peaceful experience.

~Katherine P.


My experience using your services with Molly was by far the easiest on my heart. If and when I must face this again I will never choose any other way, as this is , as far as I am concerned, the only way to say goodbye.

~ Jackie N.


Dr. MacKenzie explained the process step by step. She waited patiently for us to say our goodbyes until we were ready. It was so peaceful, he just went to sleep, no struggling and no more pain. I cannot imagine doing this again any other way. She treated JD as a family member!

~ Robin C.


You have been amazing and if, God forbid, anyone we know finds themselves in the same position I will definitely recommend you.



Thank you so much for helping us with Roxy! It's a very difficult thing but you made it smooth and peaceful. I really appreciate your efforts and professional way. 

Thanks again and best of luck in all you do.


Many thanks for Dr. Christina helping our beautiful girls peaceful transition at home. It is so hard to say goodbye and let our fur babies go on to their next adventure, but having the ability to not put our cat through a traumatic car ride (she would become physically ill in the car) was everything to all of us. My pre appointment time was spent holding our girl, not trying to keep her calm in the car.

~Lynn Z.

978-539-7387    Middleton, MA 01949

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