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Geriatric Products

Our older pets can often need help with there footing or standing up. They can also benefit from a comfortable bed and other products. Here are a few such products we have had success with. 

Toe Grips    These are great for older dogs that have trouble with hardwood and other smooth flooring. 

Purple Pebble Beds  They have many products on this site. The beds are great for those that are incontinent as they are moisture wicking. 

Help'Em up Harness  This harness makes it much easier to help a large dog up and to help stabilize them as they walk. 

Power Paws These socks/booties can give your dog some traction on hardwood floors or tile. They can also protect from grass allergies etc. 

Walkin' Wheels Many different types of wheel chairs as well as other products for older pets such as socks/boots to help with traction, diapers and wraps for incontinence.

Eddie's Wheels Another wheel chair provider


Pee Keeper  Another dog diaper product. 

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