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pet euthanasia, pet hospice

We at Pets at Peace feel all animals deserve respectful and humane treatment especially at the end of life. Our beloved pets give us so much that they deserve a dignified, anxiety-free, pain-free end of life. The ability to stay in the home during these last stages is a large part of it and can be as important to the owners as it is the pets. 

What is euthanasia?

Animal euthanasia is the act of humanely ending the life of a living being in order to end extreme suffering, typically as the result of a serious and irreversible medical condition; in animals, often called "putting to sleep"

Flu, RSV, COVID season:

Happily we will no longer require masks be worn during appointments. The doctor may still wear a mask as we are in and out of multiple homes during the day. If you prefer for us to wear a mask while in your home, please ask and we will certainly comply. 

If anyone in the home is not feeling well, we require that the appointment be cancelled or rescheduled. Please know that we shall cancel or reschedule should we or anyone in our homes become ill. We can discuss your specific needs in more detail during any phone conversations or emails. We do reserve the right to leave any situation in which we do not feel is safe for any reason.

978-539-7387       Middleton, MA 01949

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